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# 16 Daniel Ranalli - Centerman
1977 - Weston Hawks
1978/87 - Weston Rangers
1988/89 - CML Raiders
1990/96 - Fernview Rangers

Daniel Ranalli
, who was often listed in the program at 5' 6" tall and 155 pounds may have been considered by many sports purists as being small in stature, however, the highly spirited and skilled two-way centerman played large. He was the longest standing member of the Rangers Ball Hockey Club, arguably the most established (1977 - 1996) and celebrated organization in OBHA history, whose personal and team accomplishments at all levels of competition are a testament to his commitment and dedication to the game as a player throughout the years.

"The General"
, who was the captain and perennial leader of the Rangers, is the M.T.B.H.L.'s all-time Leading Scorer and former League MVP. The five-time League All-Star, who moved the ball with dexterity and precision, amassed over 400 regular season points at the AAA level of competition while capturing titles in three different OBHA leagues (MTBHL, TBHA and NWTBHL) of play.

Daniel Ranalli played in his first Provincial Championship in 1979 in Ottawa and later made his auspicious debut at the National Championships as an associated player with the Midas Topguns in 1988 in Moncton, N.B. where he acquired the first of many medals that would be proudly adorned around his neck.. His ensuing experience and perseverance paid off as the diminutive forward, who played an integral role on his team, achieved over ten OBHA Tournament triumphs, two OBHA AAA Provincial and a 'Trifecta' of CBHA National Championship Gold Medal victories during his tenured career.

Daniel Ranalli
officially retired along with the storied Ranger franchise in 1996. "The General", who was the recipient of the prestigious 'Golden Jet' Award for a lifetime of excellence in the game, capped off his illustrious 20 seasons of ball hockey that year by commandeering Canada to the Gold Medal at the inaugural World Championships of Ball Hockey in Bratislava, Slovakia as the coach of the team. The veteran of the game is indeed one of the premier practitioners in the history of "Orange Ball" in Ontario who has earned his rightful place in the OBHA Players Hall of Fame.