#55 Jon Pickering - Defenseman

1978/83 - Toronto Athletics
1984/91 - Midas Topguns

Jon Pickering was neither an evolutionary or revolutionary of the game. He was a high performance practitioner who simply go the job done. He was a very disciplined stay-at-home defenceman who played a tough but intelligent brand of ball hockey who exemplified poise and professionalism both on and off the floor.

"Picks", who anchored the highly touted Topgun powerplay with precision passing and accurate marksmanship with his unconventional short stick, is the Toronto Ball Hockey Association's all-time Leading Scorer for Defencemen and a former league MVP. Jon Pickering uniquely enough, has won titles in two different leagues (T.B.H.A. and N.W.T.B.H.L.) and has been an integral part of the Topguns (5) Ontario and (2) Canadian Ball Hockey Association Championship teams as both a player and a coach during his tenure.

Jon Pickering , an original member of the Topgun juggernaut, was a team leader and a highly respected individual among his teammates and opponents alike. His was a big game player who is indeed one of the premier practioners in "Oranger Ball" in Ontario who has earned his rightful place in the OBHA Players Hall of Fame.