#15 Tony Miniaci - Forward

1978/90 - York Canadians (TBHA)

Tony Miniaci , combined speed, tenaciousness and relentless pursuit to antagonize his opponents every opportunity he had as he darted around the rink in the traditional Canadian's garb that became synonymous with success during the embryonic years in the game of ball hockey in Ontario.

The diminutive forward was a pioneer of the game who may well have been branded with a 'hammer & sickle' for his personal work ethic and attitude towards performance. Once referred to as "El Duce", the player-coach-manager of the Les Habs, led his club to Ontario's inaugural Canadian Ball Hockey Association Championship hosted in the nation's capital in 1978.

Tony Miniaci, whose name appears on the Toronto, Ontario and Canadian Cup respectively, participated in three decades of ball hockey before retiring along with his team after the 1990 season. "Mini" was one of the most intense forechecking and prolific penalty killing forwards in the game who ranks among the top ten all-time scorers in the T.B.H.A. with over 250 career points.

Tony Miniaci , who presently continues to remain active in the sport of ball hockey as a game official and the C.E.O. of his infamous "Original Six" outdoor league in the City of Toronto, is indeed one of the premier practitioners in the history of "Orange Ball" in Ontario who has earned his rightful place in the OBHA Players Hall of Fame.