#90 Claudio Lessio - Centerman

1979/81 - Goulding Park Leafs (GPBHL)
1982 - P & P Express (International Amateur B.H.A.)
1983 - Toronto Red Wings (T.B.H.A.)
1984/86 - Midas Athletics (T.B.H.A.)
1987/88 - Midas Topguns (T.B.H.A.)
1989/91 - Frasca Topguns (N.W.T.)
1992 - Maple Precast Eagles (N.W.T.)
1996/98 - Vaughan Maple Leafs (Masters)

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#90 Claudio Lessio may as well have had a large "S" emblazoned on the front of his uniform as he was arguably the most enduring dominant forward in the history of the game. The 6'1" and 185 pound centerman, who made his Tier I debut in 1983 as a member of the Toronto Red Wings, did not take long to make his mark in the sport as he claimed his first of five OBHA AAA Championships (as an Associated Player) with the Budget Wildcats who won the Ontario Cup that year. He was the leading scorer and MVP of the tournament in Mississauga where his offensive prowess was immediately recognized by those who saw him play, continually thwarting defenders and goalies alike in spearheading the "Cats" to victory.

Claudio Lessio , through a migration of teams (Red Wings and Athletics) in 1984, became a member of one of the most storied franchises in the game of ball hockey, the Midas Athletics, where he quickly began his onslaught on the record books and emerged as one of the most decorated players of all time at the various levels of competition. He was a 'big game' player, a perennial scoring leader who was also a three-time OBHA and CBHA All-star who was often selected the MVP for his team. His club accomplishments place him among the sport's elite. League (1984 - 87 & 89 Topguns - TBHA, 1990 - Frasca Topguns - NWTBHL) OBHA (I 983 - Wildcats, 1984, 1987, 1988, Midas and 1991 Frasca Topguns) CBHA (1984 Midas Athletics, 1989 Maple Precast Eagles, 1991 Frasca Topguns)

Claudio Lessiowas honored with the President's Award in both the TBHA and NWTBHL respectively and the recipient of the inaugural Golden Jet Award for a lifetime of excellence in the sport of ball hockey. This indelible athlete possesses an extensive list of personal accomplishments that has indeed made him one of the premier practitioners in "Orange Ball" history who has earned his rightful place in theOBHA Players Hall of Fame.