#30 Renzo Antoniel - Goalie

1980/88 - York Canadians
1989/90 - Daddy's Penguins

The Montreal Canadians are one of the oldest and most revered professional sports organizations in history. It is a team that is steeped in tradition and were represented by some of the greatest players that ever dawned skates in the National Hockey League.

Loren "Gump" Worsley was one of those prized practitioners who happened to be a goaltender, one of the finest backstoppers in the history of the game who celebrated winning the Stanley Cup on many occasions.

Renzo Antoniel was the 'Gumper' for the York Canadians Ball Hockey Club. He was a cool, calm and collected character both on and off the floor who backstopped one of the most tenured franchises in 'orange ball' history.

Renzo began his career with Les Habs in 1980 where in his rookie season he captured his first provincial and national championship titles. He followed up his inaugural season with a Toronto Cup Championship in 1981 and led the Canadians to the Ontario AA finals only to lose to the Sarnia Wilding Doors and Dino Ciccerelli's MVP performance at the tournament that year.

The stand up and technically sound netminder continued frustrating his opponents throughout the mid 1980's as he quickly became a hot commodity as a roster addition for other teams looking to secure victory at any one of the many major competition that were contested during this period.

In 1984 Renzo starred as an Associated Player for the Midas Athletics in Hearst, Ontario where his Tournament MVP Goaltending performance over the Hearst Viellieux Furniture (2-0) paved the way to the team's first provincial and later national championship titles.

Renzo Antoniel finished his tenured career with Daddy's Penguins (1989-1990). He was an individual who prided himself on his performance, constantly striving for excellence who was a winner in every sense of the word. He is indeed a champion and one unquestionably one of the premier 'ball stoppers' in the history of the game who has earned his rightful place in theOBHA Players Hall of Fame