The OBHA All Decade Teams 2000 to 2009

There were many outstanding athletes throughout the world that excelled and ultimately became the greatest players in their respective sports. They are highly revered and formally recognized for their skills and career accomplishments.


They are the standard by whom all others are measured. They have earned their place in time as the best of the best that will eventually be enshrined in a place reserved for those who have achieved the pinnacle in their sport, the Hall of Fame. They are the legends of the game.


Ball hockey, a fun and relatively unstructured activity played by children with little or no equipment on neighborhood streets, began to establish itself as a viable sport organization in the middle 1970’s. There were thousands of players, who all graduated from the rough asphalt surfaces to smooth concrete arena floors, that helped to foster the growth and development of the game into a formal association with a governing body and championship competition at all levels of participation. There were some among those pioneers of the pavement whose skill, achievements and longevity in the game placed them in a class all by themselves.


The Ontario Ball Hockey Association (O.B.H.A.) has been the standard and bench mark for all players since 1974 and some of the greatest male and female athletes have been recognized on our ‘All Decade Teams’.  


The O.B.H.A.'s ‘All Decade Teams’ recognize the performance and outstanding achievements of those selected along with the valuable contributions that they have made to the game of ball hockey. Equally as important is the level of professionalism and leadership that the individual has exemplified in maintaining the spirit and integrity of the game as a player throughout the years in the O.B.H.A. respectively.


G - Kathryn Padmore, Toronto Crush

D - Britni Smith, Oshawa Stampede

D - Mallory Johnson, Burlington Brownies

F - Isabelle Aube, Ottawa Rebels

F - Desirae Clark, Toronto Royals

F - Jenny Brine, Toronto Crush


G - Dana Carnegie, Brampton Express

D – Nelson Lajeunesse, Brampton Express

D - James Mentis, Brampton Express

F - Gus Kourousis, Toronto Panthers

F - Nat Macri, Toronto Panthers

F - Tony Monteiro, Brampton Express