School Tournaments

Mitch Potter, Toronto Star columnist wrote, “Street Hockey is the recessive game that makes us Canadian...the precise point on the genetic double helix spiral that equates road hockey with spontaneous, innocent fun...a truly cultural phenomenon that harkens to Canadians on the street and their memories of childhood.”


Ontario enjoys a long association with the sport of Ball Hockey.  The OBHA brought Canada’s beloved game of street hockey indoors and now offers the most comprehensive program in Canada.   Ball Hockey is one of the fastest growing amateur sports in the great Province of Ontario, it is “A Game Anyone Can Play”.


Our programs encourage kids of all ages to participate in a local ball hockey program.  The program is recreational and encourages participation and a chance to play amongst friends, meet new people and learn how to communicate and deal with real life situations on how to be a part of a team and to work towards a common goal.


As you are aware, the world is battling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and for the first time in 20 years we have had to cancel the high school, intermediate and elementary events due to the pandemic.


To revisit the history of the events, please click here for the list of champions by year and division for the first nineteen years.


We will see everyone in 2021…..Be Safe