Terry Griffith

Terry Griffith was the most dominant and feared defencemen in the sport and captain to the best club team in the history of the sport which some would define as "unstoppable".  The Brampton Midnight Express are the sport’s most recognized and successful organization and the best team of all time.
They were established in 1991 as a member of the National Ball Hockey League and led by some of ball hockey’s most prolific players, Robert Mentis, James Mentis and Terry Griffith and they would set the standard for the late nineties for all teams to follow to present.
When approached by the Mentis Brothers from his team in Mississauga to start the Express, the game of ball hockey -- especially in Ontario -- was forever changed.
To many, Griffith was the sport of hockey. His arrival to the Express brought instant credibility and notoriety to the franchise. He was a leader and the crowds would follow and it became the norm at whatever arena they played at to watch this monster of a man control the tempo of the game by either leading an end-to-end rush to sitting back and slowing the game down. A ticket to an Express game to see Griffiths was a must.
He was also selected to Team Canada in 2001, but unfortunately due to an accident was never able to play for the team, but since retiring as a player, Griffith returned to coach the Express and put together one of the greatest teams in the 2011 version which demolished all opponents enroute to the teams championship.
One thing about great players, you don't even have to watch those them play.  You just have to watch them walk into arena’s there is nothing like the swagger of a champion and he brought his swagger.