Canada Cup Outdoor 5 v 5 Ball Hockey Championships

The 2022 Canada Cup Outdoor 5v5 Tournaments will be hosted in the GTA on various weekends, see below for your division.    The arena is in the east end of Toronto and name and location will be given to teams upon receipt of deposit 


To reserve your spot, please submit the information below:


Team Name:


Tep Rep:


Team Jersey Colors:


The Canada Cup Outdoor Championships are cash tournaments and teams must have a minimum of 12 players (1 Goalie and 11 Runners) and maximum of 18 players (1Goalie and 17 players) and entry fee will be $800.   The OBHA will send etransfer information for all registered teams, but get registered today!  


All teams will be guaranteed three games and below are the tournament registration, dates and deadlines:


UPDATED (Sept. 9th)

October 14-16 (Deadline Sept 30) Men’s D (Tier 4)

October 21-23 (Deadline Oct 7) Men’s C (Tier3)

October 28-30 (Deadline Oct 14) Men’s B (Tier 2/Masters)

November 4-6 (Deadline Oct 21) Men’s E (Tier 5)


UPDATED - Championship Sublimated Hoodies plus Cash Prizing based on twelve teams in each division – 1st place $3000 & 2nd place $1000


If your team rep doesn’t receive a confirmation email stating the team is registered, then the team is NOT registered 


The tournament roster will be sent before the tournament and we look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament!


  1. Teams may have 12 players minimum and 18 player maximum and on floor will be 1G + 5 runners 
  2. Deposits will be required by September 9 ($300) to confirm your entry and balance due in the week leading up to the tournament
  3. 3 game round robin guarantee and then 8 teams advance to the quarter finals based on the 12 team format 


Player Eligibility For Divisions

(If you are not aware of who is an A player, please ask as you don’t want players not allowed to play)

B/Masters – Three A level players

C - Two A level players

D - 1 B player & 1 C player (No A players)

E - 1 C player (No A or B players) 


All other OBHA rules will be used in game.





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Instagram: ontarioballhockey

Twitter: @ontarioballhock


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