The Ontario Ball Hockey Association is 50 years Young

It all started over a barbecue with Mssrs. Ken White, John Forrest, Paul Coulter and Mike Bernard whom founded the OBHA in 1974. The game's trailblazers could not have imagined the association's ensuing growth and development at the Minors, Women’s, Men’s and Masters levels of participation throughout the province of Ontario over the next 50 years.


We present the 50th Anniversary logo.....


-grey back drop is the concrete the game has been played on


-Celebrating Excellence In The Sport across the top


-Our five Trillion flowers represent each decade and division. Men's, Women's, Youth and Coed and the centre flower encompasses all four divisions


-50th year with the Cup logo


-silhouettes representing all the players


-below the silhouettes are the years on each side of the Canadian leaf


-Ontario & Canadian flag inserted on the Anniversary ribbon


-OBHA logo


-Our Royal Blue border representing the Provincial border


Be a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration in our leagues and tournaments culminating at the OBHA Provincial Championships with the 50th Anniversary Medal presentations.