The O.B.H.A. Hall of Fame is a Celebration of Ball Hockey History. It honours both the game of "orange ball" along with it's founders, builders and players who contributed to the growth and development of the sport throughout the years.

The O.B.H.A. was established in 1974. The parade of association's most prominent pioneers, who were first to be enshrined, were led by the founders, Sir John Forrest, Ken White, Paul Coulter and Mike Bernard. These gentlemen were the trailblazers who paved the way for the other notable builders and players who continued their work and who today are all honoured and respected members of the O.B.H.A Hall of Fame.

The O.B.H.A.'s Hall of Fame was established to promote and recognize the performance and outstanding achievements of it's participating members along with the valuable contributions that they have made to the game of ball hockey. Equally as important is the level of professionalism and leadership that the individual has exemplified in maintaining the spirit and integrity of the game as a player throughout the years in the O.B.H.A. respectively.

2009 George Butterwick 2009 -
2008 Frank Harwood 2008 Robert Marchese
Doug Smart Corradino Doret
  Irene Kiratzis
2007   2007 Angela James
2006 Richard Lapp 2006 Hugh Baird
  Anthony Muia   Bill Nicholson
  Ken St Amant 2005 Terry Griffith
2005 Steve Rumsey 2003 Geraldine Heaney
2004 Rick Carr   Oonagh Hastie
2003 Steve Maxwell*   Carol Zaborski
2002 Pat McEvoy* 2002 Louie Franceschetti*
2001 Alan Tomalty* 2001 Scott Howson*
2000 Charlie Roach*   Terry Richards*
1998 Domenic Muia* 2000 Jamie Falle*
1997 Charlie Lennox*   Mike Futa*
1996 Frank Cocso*   Vytas Urbas*
1995 Gary Everingham* 1999 Renzo Antoniel
1994 Domenic Di Gironimo*   Daryl Clancy
1993 Jamie Robillard*   Denis Giacobbi
1992 Jim Plytas* 1998 Yvon Breton
1991 Judy Ilcio*   Tony Colucci
1990 Ken White*   William Dark
1990 Mike Bernard*   Denis Lapensee
1990 Paul Coulter*   Claudio Lessio
1990 John Forrest*   Tony Miniaci
      Grant Musselman
      Jon Pickering
      Bruno Pullara
      Daniel Ranalli